Our Southall Driving School covers Ruislip, Wembley, Uxbridge, Northolt, Greenford, Perivale, Northwood, Ruislip Manor, Pinner, Ealing, Harrow Weald, Wealdstone, Seer Green, Harrow On The Hill, Ruislip, Eastcote, Sudbury, Wembley Central and surrounding areas including all the HA post codes.

    At GR8Drive we pride ourselves in offering professional Driving Lessons at affordable prices in Southall UB1 by DSA qualified Driving Instructors starting from as little as £9.90 per hour.

    GR8Drive is a well established block booking Driving School based in Harrow which has been featured on LBC Radio, Harrow Community Radio, Radio One, Point Blank TV, Drive Time to name just a few!..

    Whether you are a complete novice getting behind the steering wheel for the very first time, or a more experienced learner who has already had a number of lessons, even if you have a full licence but want to top up on your skills and confidence, GR8Drive could be the Driving School you're looking for.

    As an independent school we can provide high quality training at very affordable prices with lessons tailored to the individual pupil so you can be taught at the best pace to suit you in the Southall area. We teach in a calm and patient manner which puts even the most nervous pupils at ease very quickly.

    Southall in UB1 is a busy town that borders Greenford and Northolt near the A40. Located in greater London Southall is close to the M25 and the M4 motorways. Because of these larger roads and motorways, it is understandable that many will be worried at the thought of driving these roads. GR8Drive Driving Instructors know from experience that Southall is one of the best places to learn to drive in and to develop safe driving skills for life!...

    We offer quality manual driving lessons in Southall and surrounding areas. Our goal is to help learners in Southall to pass their driving test and be a safe driver for life. We are one of the best driving schools in Southall and all our driving instructors have passed the ADI test on their first attempt with a high grade! All our pupils in Southall will get quality driving lessons that's guarantee best value for money. We believe learning to drive should be enjoyable and we know it from our experience that you will learn more quicker and easy if your driving lesson is fun and interesting in a friendly and professional environment.


    Because GR8Drive is a very busy Driving School we are only able to offer a block booking service to ensure quality service and to guarantee availability.

    All courses must be pre-booked and paid for in advance (this includes car hire for test).


    GR8Drive is open from 7am to 9pm 7 days per week (except Bank Holidays).


    Waiting times can vary but generally there are waiting times of up to 8 weeks (in peak season eg summer and other holiday times) Normal waiting times vary between one and three weeks. If you want short notice lessons we are unlikely to be able to help you!


    Our special offers such as the Total Beginner Course, Refresher Courses and Student Deals operate between 10am and 6pm 7 days per week and are subject to availability.

    * Please do check availability before paying for these courses as they are extremely popular!


    If you have any queries you can contact us via the Contact Us Page.


    We believe that our extremely high first time pass rates can be attributed to our high quality training and supportive nature we provide to our Pupils.

    Having extensive knowledge of test areas used by Pinner examiners on driving tests really does help in settling a pupil into a driving test and gives them an increased chance of passing first time. At GR8Drive we sit in on all driving tests with our Pupil's to make them feel more relaxed and supported whilst taking their test. This also has the added bonus of your instructor being able to give you tips on any errors occured on test.

    Despite the recession we are finding more and more people are wanting to learn to drive and our low prices and high pass rates make that dream become a reality!...

    See what our Pupils say about us on our You Tube Page.


    Pinner Test Centre in Tolcarne Drive is one of the most popular driving test centres for local residents in Pinner and Harrow. GR8Drive Instructors will familiarise you with roads and the local areas such as Pinner High Street, Bridge Street, Pinner Hill, Cuckoo Hill, Pinner Green, Elm Park, Pinner Village, Paines Lane, West End Lane, Pinner View, George V Avenue, Pinner Town Centre, Northwood, Northwood Hills, Hatch End and other areas that you may travel on for your driving test in Pinner.

    Pinner Driving Test Centre is situated around the outskirts of London. The type of driving test roads will be varied and may include rural country driving, dual carriageways and high speed A roads. Busy town roads are to include various roundabouts, crossroads, junctions and possibly one-way-systems. Residential roads often form part of the driving test and are an ideal location to demonstrate 1 of the possible 6 manoeuvre that the testing examiner will require. These residential roads can be hazardous due to narrow lanes and meeting oncoming vehicles in Pinner.

    Try our current introductory offer of 10 lessons for just £99. Thats fantastic value!

    Areas covered: Southall UB1 and surrounding areas.


    Your first few driving lessons can be challenging in Southall. The 10 hour Beginners Course in Southall is designed and structured to take you through these first steps at your own pace. We will start you on quiet roads in Southall and you won't venture onto busier roads until you are ready. CALL 07791 674 839.

    This course is for pupil's with NO previous driving experience and follows the DSA syllabus.

    How It Works......

    This course is split into 2 parts. Take 3 x 2 hour slots at the beginning holding 2 x 2 hour slots back for test week. In between pay normal rates of 10 hours for £200.

    * Please note: this is a special deal see terms and conditions.


    Our Refresher Driving Lessons and Courses in Southall and surrounding areas are ideal for pupils that haven't driven for a long time or have lost confidence on the road.

    * Please note: this is a special deal see terms and conditions.


    Our Student deal offers amazing value 20 hours of professional driving tuition for just £249 then additional lessons charged at £20 per hour! Course follows the DSA syllabus taking you to test standard. CALL 07791 674 839.

    How It Works......

    Take First 16 Hours Of Your Deal As 8 x 2 Hour Slots - See terms and conditions.

    Then You Pay 10 lessons £200 (our normal course rates) until ready for test!...

    This course is for pupil's with NO previous driving experience and follows the DSA syllabus.

    Take The Final 4hrs On Test Week As 2 x 2 Hour Slots


    Our Intensive Course is designed for Students in Southall that have limited time and need to learn to drive in a hurry. The 20 hour course can be fitted around your schedule and requirements.

    This course is aimed at learners on an intermediate level, with some main road experience and little or no reversing experience. The course will include 20 hours of training which will cover all aspects of the driving test, including a pre-test mock exam. The duration of this course could be from 5 to 10 days.

    Intensive courses are ideal for drivers who want to pass within a fixed amount of time. Intensive courses work best for the learner driver who has some experience and who just needs to tidy up their driving.

    Please note: intensive courses are not ideal for nervous drivers who dislike pressure.. Those who like a challenge please apply.

    The course covers all the basics to more advanced and complex driving preparing you for your driving test! CALL 07791 674 839.

    * Please note: this is a special deal see terms and conditions.

    * Please note: Car hire for test is charged at £79 (before 10am and must be pre-booked and paid for a minimum of one month before test to ensure availability).


    This 3 hour course split into 2 slots of 1.5 hours each is ideal for new Pupils who want to experience learning to drive.

    We will start you on quiet roads and you won't venture onto busier roads until you are ready. (terms and conditions apply)

    5 HOUR PACKAGE £75

    This 5 hour course split into 2 slots of 2 x 2 hours and 1 slot of one hour is ideal for new Pupils who want to experience learning to drive or who are ready to take a driving test and just need a few hours practice.

    We will start you on quiet roads and you won't venture onto busier roads until you are ready. (terms and conditions apply)


    Pass plus is a Course of approx 6 hours of lessons, taken after you have passed your Driving Test, aiming to make you a more competent and confident driver. Pass Plus can entitle you to cheaper car insurance. CALL 07791 674 839.


    Gaz Reynolds (owner of GR8Drive) was asked to appear on the Nick Ferrari Show on LBC Radio on 21.06.13 to conduct a driving experiment with an experienced driver of 27 years from the Harrow area who urgently wanted to refresh his driving skills.

    Nick Ferrari set a challenge with caller Alan (from Kenton in Harrow) to take a mock driving test on air with a well established driving school in Harrow-GR8Drive and Gaz Reynolds.

    Whilst on the show Gaz emphasised road safety and how our Pupils are taught safe driving skills for life in and around Harrow.

    Gaz Reynolds said at the end of the interview to reporter Tom Swarbrick of LBC Radio; "I had so much fun doing the show and it gave me an opportunity to emphasise how we all have a responsibility as drivers to ensure that we keep our roads safe!"

    Gaz went on to say; "The show was recorded in Harrow in busy peak hour traffic so it was a real challenge for Alan who took part in the show and took on the challenge of taking a mock driving test 27 years after he passed his original test.


    Gaz Reynolds (owner of GR8Drive) was asked to appear on the Gary Walker Sunday Brunch Show on Harrow Community Radio on 23.03.14 to talk about his Driving School based in Harrow and his world famous Record Label World Domination Records.

    Whilst on air Gaz talked about recent television and radio appearances and his Harrow based Driving School GR8Drive which serves Harrow residents and the surrounding areas.


    Whilst on the show Gaz emphasised road safety and how our Pupils are taught safe driving skills for life in and around Harrow.

    Gaz Reynolds talked about promoting safe driving skills on the roads of Harrow and the types of courses offered. Gaz said; "I had so much fun doing the show and it gave me an opportunity to emphasise how we all have a responsibility as drivers to ensure that we keep our roads safe!"

    Gaz Reynolds and his Driving School GR8Drive have been featured on a number of other television and radio shows and to our knowledge no Driving School has gained this much media attention ever before!

    To view some of these interviews and features visit our You Tube Page.


    "I'm Gaz Reynolds (owner of GR8Drive Driving School in Harrow). Unlike many Driving School's we have proveable high first time pass rates! See just a few listed below and be sure to check out more on our You Tube Page" .


    'Getting me through my entire training in 20 hours with no previous driving experience is outstanding! The training I received from Gaz Reynolds at GR8Drive was totally professional and very easy to understand. I signed up on the 20 hour intensive package for just £390 saving me a tone of money and their was no compromise in the quality of training. Join Gaz and his Driving School and increase your chance of passing first time. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!’. (Lynton, Edgware)


    'Gaz's approach to teaching me to drive was very supportive and straight forward. As a busy sports person I found Gaz's flexibility and understanding a real help. I would totally recommend Gaz Reynolds and his Driving School GR8Drive. I can see why so many celebreties come to his school and why he attracts so much attention!’. (Joe Wood, Uxbridge) - Tennis Pro.


    'Gaz makes learning to drive fun and easy and very imformative enabling me to pass my driving test first time with just 5 minor errors! I must say having Gaz sit in on my test made me feel more relaxed and supported which aided me on the big day. I highly recommend Gaz and his driving school’. (Siobrah, Wembley)


    'Gaz makes learning to drive interesting and fun. The standard and quality of training is very high and having Gaz on my test made me feel calm and relaxed enabling me to pass my driving test at Pinner Test Centre. I totally recommend Gaz and his very cool GR8Drive Driving School. Love the cars and branding too!’. (Adam, South Ruislip)


    'Thanks to Gaz's great instruction I passed my driving test first time at Pinner Test Centre. We had a great time training and I found the whole process enjoyable and extremely affordable I highly recommend Gaz Reynolds and his driving school GR8Drive.’ (Chris, Denham)


    Southall is a large suburban district of west London, England, and part of the London Borough of Ealing. It is situated 10.7 miles (17.2 km) west of Charing Cross. Neighbouring places include Yeading, Hayes, Hanwell, Heston, Hounslow, Greenford and Northolt. The area is identified in the London Plan as one of 35 major centres in Greater London.

    Southall is located on the Grand Union Canal (formerly the Grand Junction Canal) which first linked London with the rest of the growing canal system. It was one of the last canals to carry significant commercial traffic (through the 1950s) and is still open to traffic and is used by pleasure craft.

    The town has one of the largest concentrations of South Asian people outside of the Indian sub-continent.

    Southall formed part of the chapelry of Norwood in the ancient parish of Hayes, in the Elthorne hundred of Middlesex. For Poor Law it was grouped into the Uxbridge Union and was within Uxbridge Rural Sanitary District from 1875. The chapelry of Norwood had functioned as a separate parish since the Middle Ages. On 16 January 1891 the parish adopted the Local Government Act 1858 and the Southall Norwood Local Government District was formed. In 1894 it became the Southall Norwood Urban District. In 1936 the urban district was granted a charter of incorporation and became a municipal borough, renamed Southall. In 1965 the former area of the borough was merged with that of the boroughs of Ealing and Acton to form the London Borough of Ealing in Greater London.

    The southern part of Southall (roughly south of the railway) used to be known as Southall Green (and a section of the main north-south road in the area is still called The Green) and was centred on the historic Tudor-styled Manor House which dates back to at least 1587. Little of the building is original but much dates back to the days when Southall Green was a quiet rural village. It is currently used as serviced offices.

    The extreme southernmost part of Southall is known as Norwood Green. It has few industries and is mainly a residential area, having remained for many years mainly agricultural whilst the rest of Southall developed industrially. Norwood Green borders, and part is inside, the London Borough of Hounslow.

    The main east west road through the town is Uxbridge Road (A4020), though the name changes in the main shopping area to The Broadway and for an even shorter section to High Street. Uxbridge Road was part of the main London to Oxford stagecoach route for many years and remained the main route to Oxford until the building of the Western Avenue highway to the north of Southall in the first half of the 20th century. First horse drawn, then electric trams (until 1936) and, then, electric trolleybuses, gave Southall residents and workers quick and convenient transport along Uxbridge Road in the first half of the 20th century before they were replaced by standard diesel-engined buses in 1960.

    Southall is served by Southall railway station on the Great Western Main Line, providing links to Heathrow Airport, Reading and Oxford as well as London Paddington.

    There is no London Underground station in Southall, the nearest one to the town centre being Osterley station, on the Piccadilly line, which is located approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) to the south.

    Frequent bus services link Southall with all neighbouring suburbs and London Heathrow Airport.

    There is an express coach service between Southall and Birmingham which specialises in serving the many family connections in both areas' South Asian populations.

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